We do not promise impossible things in Polemika. The recipes of our products based on natural ingredients and reliable laboratory tests meet the strict standards of natural products in terms of microbiology. Skin safety is our priority. Thanks to this, we are sure that we give you effective and safe products that will allow everyone to discover the secret of perfect care. Care that will satisfy demanding customers being aware of the core of proper skin care. Because in Polemika every product: has a purpose, is created with passion, has a carefully selected composition. And we derive incredible joy from the satisfaction with our products.



We believe that it is worth living in harmony with nature. We should take advantage of its beneficial properties and derive from the resources in a wise and sustainable way. Each product formulation is over 96% of carefully selected natural ingredients. In our cosmetics you will find substances such as oils, butters and plant extracts, emulsifiers and emollients of natural origin, mild plant washing substances and preservatives accepted by ecological organizations for use in natural cosmetics.


Taking care of the environment is our strength and commitment. Both towards our consumers and nature. We treat nature’s resources responsibly, starting with the process of creating and producing packaging, which at Polemika are recyclable. We cultivate conscious choices, and the most important for us is care for the natural environment and sustainable development.

Polemika owes its uniqueness mostly to its philosophy of holistic building awareness of taking care of yourself, your organism and choosing what is the best.